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Jungle people

Bukit Lawang. North Sumatera. Indonesia. There are only a couple places left in the world you can see Orangutans in theView full post »

‘Not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.…’

‘Not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.…’ Have you ever looked at leaves,View full post »


Gunung Sitoli. Nias. Indonesia. People from many different lands and cultures are drawn to the sea. To bathe in itsView full post »

5 minutes

Munda. Solomon Islands The weather can change here so quickly. It is beautiful. The sun may be burning your skin,View full post »


Nusa Zonga. Munda. Solomon Islands   “Blue is the colour if the Pacific. It is the air we breathe. Blue is theView full post »

perfect gifts

Neighbours. Kindu. Solomon Islands   This is our front yard (the green house is our home). These are our neighboursView full post »


Kindu. Western Province. Solomon Islands. An other  fun way to spend our evenings.View full post »


Roviana Lagoon. Solomon Islands. The skulls are those that belonged to different tribes captured during tribal fightingView full post »


Pilogi. Western Province. Solomon Islands. We took a couple of days break and headed through the lagoon to Pilogi, aView full post »

Happy new neighbourhood

Happy New Year Friends. Wishing you all a year filled with personal growth and a few adventures. We have recently movedView full post »

wave riders

Maniate. Makira Province. Solomon Islands I love the creativity and make-do attitude of the Islanders. My favoriteView full post »


I have tried to blog this post four times, but with the limited internet and failed software updates its taken it time.View full post »


Frigate Island is one of the latest editions to my list of favorite places. It’s a tiny beautiful white sand beachView full post »

Makira water project

Tagori. Makira Province. Solomon Islands. The gift of water. What a gift. To have clean drinking water flowing into ourView full post »

10000 bee’s on a boat

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of joining a friend, her team from NRDF (Natural Resource Development Foundation)View full post »