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Nias cut

Haircut. Nias. Indonesia. Jake and I moved from our island home in the Solomon Islands to a new island home, Nias,View full post »

Kindu’s Collectors

The women in our Solomon Island village of Kindu are amazing. They work so hard to feed and school their children andView full post »


It may have taken a while, but ten years after graduating uni with a double major in Photography and Journalism IView full post »


Java. Indonesia. Little seeds girls surf camp. 11 chika’s. 20 boards. 1 coach. 1 amazing week of Indo surf, photosView full post »


Gecko. You’ve gotto love these little guys (this one was not so little), even though they poop in inappropriateView full post »

bon leana = good evenings

Kindu. Western Province. Solomon Islands. We love our evenings. So many fun things to do  View full post »

10000 bee’s on a boat

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of joining a friend, her team from NRDF (Natural Resource Development Foundation)View full post »


Back in 2010 while exploring Europe¬† I worked as a photographer at Vinjerock, a small adventure music festival in theView full post »


I am a lover of cheese. I have dutch blood. This dear vendor was my favorite to shoot for the Fremantle MarketsView full post »

Hello World

Well hello there ! Welcome to my brand spankin new blog, live with grand plans of regular updates of pretty pictures,View full post »