Lagas Family


Turtle beach. Guadalcanal. Solomon Islands.

Not only are we blessed to meet and friend an abundance of amazing locals, we also have the pleasure of meeting and befriending and being inspired by expats from all over the globe.
I met this beautiful family while filming at the Bethesda disability training center in Honiara back in late May. This young family have taken 18 months to volunteer their time and skills as property manager for the center working the grounds and chickens to create a self sustainable center. I love their courage in taking their young family to a developing country for this time, for understanding the brilliant life lessons the children can learn outside of the classroom. I love their heart for the poor and the way they actively live out what they believe. I also love hearing the kids chatter away in fluent pigin, plus the amazing card playing and cooking skills they so generously share with us. Oh the blessings.

January 11, 2014 - 1:40 pm

Anna Hunt - Beautiful photos and message Arlene! I know you and Jake have been a real blessing to them too. :)

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