‘Not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.…’


‘Not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.…’

Have you ever looked at leaves, really looked at them? There are more different kind of leaves in the few places I have been, than I have ever bothered to try and count. Each leaf is dressed with intricate patterns, unique shape or colour. Each I am sure, fits a specific purpose in the cycle of life. I am often blown away by the beauty and diversity. If God cared enough about the minute details on a tiny leaf hidden in the jungle floor how much must he care about the details of each and everyone of our lives.



December 1, 2014 - 4:38 pm

eritia - Beautiful, arlene :)



Gunung Sitoli. Nias. Indonesia.

People from many different lands and cultures are drawn to the sea. To bathe in its salty waters. To watch the weather reflect on its face. Many countries I’ve been I’ve joined crowds or individuals at the seaside to watch the last lights of day fade into the horizon. Although many aspects or this sea tug is universal I find it interesting to watch the little parts that set each country and place apart.

Afternoons on the main pier in Gunung Sitoli is crowded with food carts and seaside goers. Gunung Sitoli is a city running along a beautiful coast line  though much of the seaside is hidden by the back end of concrete buildings or various shapes and forms. The water becoming the easiest waste disposal unit. Dispersed along the long stretch of coast are the occasional piers or tourist spots which form little seaside oasis’ from the sound and smell of motor bikes.



Nias cut


Haircut. Nias. Indonesia.

Jake and I moved from our island home in the Solomon Islands to a new island home, Nias, Indonesia.

The barber shops in Nias are rather cute. Though there is an abundance of these little shops in Nias they always seem to be full with guys having their hair cut or shaved into the latest style. I think Jakes blonde curls posed a challenge.




Emilio. Makira Province. Solomon Islands

Emilio is a legend. I met Emilio while tagging along on a water catchment surveying and rehabilitating project through remote Makira province late last year.

Emilio has a wonderful personality and a big heart. In a country with little opportunities for people with disability’s, His dream is to set up a Disability center on his property in Makira Provence to help educate the younger generations and those without the opportunity to access the single disability training center in Honiara.

Emilio keeps busy working his garden and making wood carvings for selling. Ever the legend his claim to fame is winning silver medal for weightlifting at the disabled games in HongKong. A huge achievement coming from a remote island in the pacific.

August 10, 2014 - 9:37 am

viv - Amazing man. I love the house. You must miss all the friends you’ve made. All the best for the big move. Love, Viv