It may have taken a while, but ten years after graduating uni with a double major in Photography and Journalism I finally had my first written article published.

I spent a large part of my time last year in Honiara working with the staff and students at Bethesda Disability training center on different media projects. People with disabilities are the most marginalized of Solomon Island societies and the cause of their disabilities often misunderstood. It was such a joy to spend time with the students and watch them grow in self confidence over the duration of the courses.

You can read the article from the online version of the magazine available here.




Java. Indonesia. Little seeds girls surf camp.

11 chika’s. 20 boards. 1 coach. 1 amazing week of Indo surf, photos and company. Thanks to my favorite frother Roz from Little Seeds Surf school for inviting me along.

I had an amazing week photographing and surfing with these girls. For all you girls out there who love surfing and adventures and are keen for some coaching keep an eye out on her website for next years trips. Yeeeww.

June 8, 2014 - 6:00 pm

LuGun - Nice!! Looks dreamy :)

pacific dream


Western Province. Solomon Islands

There are days, like this one where it feels like I am walking in a dream (or the 90’s desktop image or the dentist floor to ceiling wall image). When the water is a mirror of the sky and the turquoise water radiates, the dolphins dance around the boat in large numbers, their underwater figures like animations. Colourful fish in more varieties than my brain can retain swim around every different coral formation imaginable. I walking in that place so far away, the imagination of my childhood destinations.

April 9, 2014 - 2:26 pm

Eritia - Beautiful pictures.
Those colours are amazing.
God’s creation is awesome.



Nusa Zonga. Munda. Solomon Islands


“Blue is the colour if the Pacific. It is the air we breathe. Blue is the gap in the air of all things, such as the palm and the iron roof. But for blue we would not see the fruit bats… It is surprising where the colour blue pops up. Look and ye shall find. You can find blue squinting up in the cracks of the wharf… If blue where an animal or plant or bird, it would be a seagull. It gets its sticky beak into everything.

Blue also has magical powers, watch a reef and tell me I am lying. Blue crashes onto the reef and what colour does it release? It releases white! Now tell me how does it do that?”

Daniels Granmother.  Mister Pip, Lloyd Jones.


I loved reading this book, a story of a girl in Boganville, an Island of PNG which closely borders the Solomon Islands, not too far at all from our Islands here in the Western Province. The writing is beautiful, the descriptions and stories capturing the characters and climate so well.  Our housemate in Honiara was from Boganville, a lovely man who escaped to the Solomons as a young teenager towards the end of the tensions. I’ve spent still moonlit nights on the balcony listening to the terrors of the tensions and his time spent nursing infected bullet wounds in the bush. We laughed together at the skinniness of his legs and how that must have helped the bullets miss them as they shot at his running feet, we questioned together his age and the whereabouts of his family. It’s a mix of happiness and sadness and those things in-between. The book captures that feeling so well, the things you can’t write or speak, the in-between.