perfect gifts


Neighbours. Kindu. Solomon Islands


This is our front yard (the green house is our home). These are our neighbours, (well a few of them). The children who greet me with shouts in the  morning, and whose sweet voices in song still the night air.

In some recent study I’ve been looking at ‘every good and perfect gift’. This word perfect in the original Greek language translates as ‘That which has achieved or reached it goal, objective, purpose.’ I love that. Gifts given with goals, perfect because they are perfecting. Oh the beauty in that definition and in the recognition of these gifts in my own life.

I think of my family and friends, the way they have helped to teach me and shape my values, the lessons and life experiences, those that challenge my actions and celebrate my growths. I think of my 3rd grade teacher who believed in my artistic talent, My husband and his beautiful example of patience and selflessness. My love for photography and travel and how it has helped me to see the beauty in each place and every face, to notice the way the light falls on the leaves, how it taught me to stop and listen to people’s stories.

I think of the Solomons Islands, how it has taught us to slow down, to pray, to make do, waste less, consume less. Our Kindu neighbourhood has shown us a beautiful example of active community, of sharing day to day activities, like washing, cooking, food gathering, Sharing skills and open homes. Our neighbours have humbled us with their hospitality and generosity.

March 17, 2014 - 5:19 pm

Bronya - That’s beautiful Arlene! Beautifully written and beautiful photos. Oh to have the pray more, slow down, consume less lifestyle down pat. Praying for you guys and hoping you continue to have an amazing and powerful journey xx



Philip is a little legend. Mostly when I speak to him he stares at me with a mix of bewilderment or fright, other times I will hear him calling my name a long time before I can spot him waving at me from the window or the trees. He is now my most eager model, stepping in front of the camera no matter what I am trying to photograph.

February 20, 2014 - 7:10 pm

Viv - What a cutie, and such beautiful photos!