Gunung Sitoli. Nias. Indonesia.

People from many different lands and cultures are drawn to the sea. To bathe in its salty waters. To watch the weather reflect on its face. Many countries I’ve been I’ve joined crowds or individuals at the seaside to watch the last lights of day fade into the horizon. Although many aspects or this sea tug is universal I find it interesting to watch the little parts that set each country and place apart.

Afternoons on the main pier in Gunung Sitoli is crowded with food carts and seaside goers. Gunung Sitoli is a city running along a beautiful coast line  though much of the seaside is hidden by the back end of concrete buildings or various shapes and forms. The water becoming the easiest waste disposal unit. Dispersed along the long stretch of coast are the occasional piers or tourist spots which form little seaside oasis’ from the sound and smell of motor bikes.



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