I have tried to blog this post four times, but with the limited internet and failed software updates its taken it time. Part of the joys of the simple life that is the Solomon life :).

I am currently back in Australia for a months of wedding and portrait sessions, berries and fast internet. There is not too much of our western culture that I miss while in the Solomons, I enjoy the challenge of the simple life and living without things I’ve often considered ‘needs’. Saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed having berries on my breakfast and warm showers before bed.

——-Tora is a special village on the weather coast of Makira just around the point from Star Harbour. It is the home village of our ‘solomon family’. The hospitality of the locals always amazes me, we have been welcomed into and stayed a night or five, in so many homes since living in the islands. Many homes consist of one or two rooms, the walls and roof made of sago palm leaves. I always feel humbled that the hospitality of locals is not dependent on their house size or their wealth but that they will generously share what they have, making space of an extra tired head or hungry belly. To me such a great lesson on community and hospitality.



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